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Speak Right On is a uniquely American love story, about a man who loved his family so much that he could not be stopped in his quest for freedom--not even by the US Supreme Court.

It is also an exceptional invocation of the soul of human dignity, represented in the character of a destitute, illiterate, enslaved man called Dred Scott;

  • to read this book is to explore and expose the roots of racism in this country
  • long before you reach the remarkable, historical ending of this story, you will feel enlightenment and compassion; you will be a better person in this world.

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October 2006
Speak Right On, Dred Scott is published by the Toby Press
October 2008
Rights revert to the author, Mary E. Neighbour
November 2015
Release date for the second edition of this critically acclaimed neo-slave narrative

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From the Author

maryAs the author of a novel about Dred Scott, I am interested in conversations about race and social justice and politics--and how the three get scrambled together, in Dred’s time and in ours.

As a reader, I am interested in conversations about illiteracy and education. For my book, I was intrigued by the question of how an illiterate man’s voice reached the US Supreme Court.

Please join me as I blog about these and related topics. I will share how and why I arrived at the character of Dred Scott depicted in the book, and I will continue to draw comparisons between this time and his time. ~ Mary Neighbour