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A book is usually a one-sided affair: only the author reveals her thoughts and feelings. The airing of readers’ reactions typically is left to book groups. But not now, not here.

With this blog I want to hear what you have to say. Though I will use Speak Right On as a springboard and reference point for my blog entries, you don’t need to read my book to join the conversation.

Just speak right on, from the heart.

“He who does his best for his own time, lives for all times.”

African proverb

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My learning curve begins . . . and continues

After publishing last week's post, "My Learning Curve," there was a continuation of that conversation throughout the week that I want to share with you now. I like this ending much more, because we get into a real exchange of views and especially what our views are based on. The commenter "Moonchalk"begins by denying my assertion that the Black Lives Matter movement is fueled by pain:

Moonchalk to Mary Neighbour
I deny it as whites have the same "pain" as statistically proven by the data from Holder's Dept. of Justice. Thus, there is no "problem" as the BLM paints it (racism heavily against blacks by LEOs). If one is bereft of the ability to use logic to analyse these situations one is apt to fall for the false rhetoric of a group like BLM.

ALL other problems of X on black violence are background noise (statistically) when compared to black on black violence. To NOT focus FIRST on that proves the insanity of the BLM leadership. Or at least its criminality.

Mary Neighbour to Moonchalk
I'm new to these types of conversations, so please bear with me. I don't know what statistics you're talking about that show whites have the same pain. I'd like know about that data.

About blacks being unfairly and unequally handled by law enforcement, both the Washington Post ("A Year of Reckoning") and the Guardian ("The Counted: people killed by police in the US) have the most recent data--more recent that the FBI or the Justice Dept.-- which substantiate that unarmed blacks are indeed more likely than unarmed whites to be killed by police.

Moonchalk to Mary Neighbour
Reread my comment. The Dept. of Justice keeps all the stats on cops murdering people. Go research the statistics. Remember to factor IN the black violent crime rate when calculating number of LEO on civilian violent encounters as blacks commit those at a rate 500% HIGHER than whites. Then you'll see that whites get shot and killed by police at a rate GREATER than do blacks.

Mary Neighbour to Moonchalk 
I have looked at the DOJ stats, and they are seriously outdated (2003-2009)--such that the Bureau of Justice Statistics "determined that the ARD data did not meet BJS data quality standards, and in March 2014, BJS suspended data collection and publication of the ARD data until further notice." The FBI stats are not faring any better, and FBI Director Comey has acknowledged that the database maintained by The Guardian is the most complete record available. Even the Wall Street Journal (December 3, 2015) has confirmed this.

Whatever statistics you're relying upon have been discredited. I urge you to reconsider your position in view of this, and again encourage all speakers on this topic to re-read the Washington Post article, "A year of reckoning: Police fatally shoot nearly 1,000," where statistics show that "Although black men make up only 6 percent of the U.S. population, they account for 40 percent of the unarmed men shot to death by police this year." Clearly, unarmed black men being killed by police is a problem that needs attention.

Moonchalk to Mary Neighbour
DOJ recently released compiled stats through 2013. That is as recent as is needed. Large groups don't change faster than that. They are there and they show what I said. Case closed (at least for the logically minded)

Mary Neighbour to Moonchalk
Moonchalk, this explains a lot. I have been talking about killings of blacks by police. The statistics you shared from the American Renaissance site are about all violent crimes except murder. It remains true that the DOJ has suspended its collection of stats on murders by police because of inadequate methods, and that this problem is a legitimate concern for protestors.

You have been addressing my argument by deflecting to the stats of all violent crimes (except murder). The more I press you for specifics, the more your argument falls apart. Your "500% higher" statement is false. And the statistics you cite do not address police killings of either blacks or whites.

Take another look at the stats posted by AmRen. It's significant that you rail against black-on-black crime but not white-on white crime. According to the AmRen site, white-on-white violent crime is 82.4% of all violent crime committed by whites. Black-on-black crime is only 40.9% of all violent crimes committed by blacks. Similarly, Hispanic-on-Hispanic violent crime is 40.1% of all violent crimes committed by Hispanics. Therefore, the problem of intra-racial crime is twice as great among whites as among blacks or Hispanics.

I am glad to know these statistics. Thank you.

My learning curve begins

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Monday, 21 June 2021