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A selection of websites containing information about the Dred Scott Case 

1.Video overview of Dred Scott v. John Sanford

2.National Archives and Records Administration

Our Documents, Dred Scott v. Sanford

3.Facts and images compiled by Washington University in St. Louis

The Dred Scott Case

4.Facts compiled by the National Parks Service

The Dred Scott Case

5.The Library of Congress, multiple pages of related information: 

A selection of articles about the Dred Scott Case

  • Article re: the relevance of the Dred Scott case to today's cultural and political discussions

  • Article from Street Law and the Supreme Court Historical Society

Landmark Cases, Dred Scott v. Sandford,

  • Findlaw's article and links

Landmark Decisions, Scott v. Sandford,

  • New-York Daily Tribune. (New York, New York), March 9, 1857

The Dred Scott Case

  • Anti-Slavery Bugle. (New Lisbon, Ohio), March 21, 1857

The Decision of the Supreme Court

  • Holmes County Republican. (Millersburg, Holmes County, Ohio), April 16, 1857

The Original Dred Scott a Resident of St. Louis--Sketch of His History

  • The following collection presents 396 pamphlets from the Rare Book and Special Collections Division, published from 1822 through 1909, by African-American authors and others who wrote about slavery, African colonization, Emancipation, Reconstruction, and related topics.

The slavery question. Dred Scott decision : to the free voters of Ohio.

  • In honor of the Manuscript Division's centennial, its staff has selected for online display approximately ninety representative documents spanning from the fifteenth century to the mid-twentieth century.

Chief Justice Roger Taney wrote a letter to Caleb Cushing on November 9, 1857, thanking Cushing for his support of Taney's decision in the Dred Scott case.

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Mary talks at the Library of Congress

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